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Well, designing a website is the most important part of your business as it allows people to know about your business. A fully customized website attracts people to stay connected with your business. However, visible presence is not a single aspect that customers want but also for the excellent experience for each of their visits.

You create a website for your business to be visible and to respond. And for that, your website needs to adjust on any device, irrespective of the size of any screen. A responsive web design gives the users a better experience with the easiest accessibility.

However, it has been seen in the past few years that the mobile device has taken the desktop for the first time and this shift in the behavior becomes a reason for investing in responsive web design.

Further, good usability of the website makes it easy for the visitor to fulfilling their needs they want but the question arises how you can improve the usability of your website?

Below are some of the characteristics of a user-friendly website, let’s understand each one of them.

1. Accessibility

Your website must be accessible to all users including the disabled, blind, and elderly. A user-friendly website must include all these because such communities aren’t able to access the content or offering of your websites. They generally used screen readers to access the internet. Therefore, your website must consider all these aspects.

2. Mobile Compatibility

Mobile optimized website has now become crucial parts and more people using the mobile phones to exchange the product or services. Therefore, you must ensure that your website is user-friendly so as to improve the customer experience.

3. Fast Loading Time

Well, no one wants to wait to load your website even they are more likely to switch to another website. Therefore, your website must have a fast loading speed.

There are various speed testing software is available, you can use any one of them to check the speed of your website and then improve accordingly. Additionally, customers only wait for about 3-5 seconds to load your website, and after that, they will quickly navigate to your competitor’s site.

4. Well-Planned Information

Good usability also includes good plan information. After website designing and fast loading speed, proper planned information must be included. The content related to your website is properly filled into the right category so to make it easy for users to access it. Think according to your user's perspective and then follow every aspect.

5. Excellent Navigation

Navigation is another important factor for the good usability of a website. Ensure that there must be a fewer number of menus used as well as possible and a drop-down or sub-navigation must be included as it works well to provide a better user experience.

6. Colour Scheme

There must be a better contrast between the background of the website and the content that is appearing on the website it should never be overlooked and even there should be a proper contrast that will go well to the text. Along with that, make sure that the background and the text don’t overshadow each other, otherwise, users find it difficult to reach your content.

7. Forms

A usable form must be included in your website as it allows users to interact with your business. Forms are very crucial as they generate more leads for your business. However, make sure that forms are easy to fill and accessible to everything.

8. Browser Consistency

To improve the brand presence for brand visibility your website must have browsers consistency which means your website must ensure that it appears excellently across all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera so that users won't find any difficult to access your website any of the browsers they use.

People are using smartphones for all of their needs just like it is the only device. To get knowledge about any information, users are likely to search it on a mobile device instead of any desktop device.

Therefore, your business needs a website that will be easily adaptable on any other device.

Importance and benefits of web design

1. Provides flawless User experience

Unresponsible web design generally deforms the way your website must look, which results in a bad User experience.  

However, web design helps you to engage more customers. Let’s suppose how frustrating it becomes when you are struggling while reaching any website.

Responsive web design helps your business to create brand awareness and provide a positive perception of your business.

2. Improve SEO

Responsive web design is more likely to rank high on Google because it improves all the metrics of SEO. Like,

Boost social sharing.

Decrease bounce rate.

Excellent page speed.

Improve site visibility/ usability.

Improve site functionality, etc.

Basically, a web design improves all your SEO efforts on various platforms.

3. Adaptable to any screen size

A responsive web design allows you to use the website on any screen size on all devices. People are less likely to use particular devices for any websites they just want a quick and easily accessible website for any information.

It will only take few seconds for users to quickly move to the back button and switch to another web page on Google. Responsive web design is very essential because if a website is not well optimized for mobile devices it will automatically lose more traffic.

4. Increase Mobile Visitors

A well-designed website increases the stability of the search engine. More visitors will help you to generate more leads which will automatically increase sales and profit.

However, if users find it difficult to navigate your site, they will have many options to quickly move on to another website. Even, they are more likely to visit your competitor’s site, and eventually, you will lose your potential customers.

5. Offers Lower Maintenance Cost

Low maintenance cost is another benefit that you can get from responsive web design. A good design website allows you to focus on other important areas of your business. It also makes it easier for you to maintain your website design.

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