How To Create Better Mobile Website Design


Well, more than 3 billion people use the internet and 80% of them access it by using smartphones so if you are not creating a mobile-friendly website then you are not providing a good mobile experience to your visitors which later will be the cause of less traffic to your website.
Further, having a mobile-friendly design is an excellent idea to provide a smooth experience to your customers. A responsive web design for mobile devices must be the top priority for your business because maybe your competitors already made the website mobile friendly which eventually put you back among your customers.

Moreover, mobile web development assists you to gain customer’s trust and according to the data, 70% of users do not like to visit a website without a web design
Therefore, a good mobile-friendly website allows you to reach wider audience that helps you to rank higher on search engines as well.

Following are the top tips for a better mobile-friendly website.

Be Responsive
A responsive web design allows you to create an excellent experience for the user no matter from which device they are accessing your site. A responsive web design must be able to adapt to every device and for that, you don't need to create separate URLs for the mobile-friendly website or the desktop website. 
Additionally, a responsive website design must consist of some important aspects such as navigation bar, order of content/ layout, javascript, videos, images, and animations. These advancements and designs show users that they are not lacking anything on the website thus, provides a better user experience.

 Keep the design simple
Simple, easy, and focused content on your site goes well in the long run. Users are more likely to visit your website when it has a simple design. Additionally, you should not use dark/light images or dark backgrounds with the contents. The visitor always looks for a website that is more appealing to them and if your website fails to provide all these aspects then users will quickly switch your website to your competitors.

Easy Navigation
Easy navigation assists users to stay on your website. If you just find it difficult to move from one place to another then they will leave your website within a few seconds. Easy navigation plays a very important role while designing your website. You must create a proper category, the home page, or a proper menu for every section so that your users won't find any difficulty on your website.

Image Optimization

A larger image or site’s speed must affect the loading time of your website therefore, it is very necessary to use appropriate images. Along with it, ensure that your loading time should not be large otherwise it can create an issue and the visitor will switch to your competitor’s site. Plus, the image should not be larger than the 2x needed display size.

Make Your Content Easy To Read
Content is a valuable asset of your website and if users find difficult to read it then they will not visit your site again and this provides a negative impact on users of your website. Therefore, always ensure that you are not using difficult words for your content. It should be simple and easy to read and understand. Try using appropriate fonts all over your content.

Add a video wisely
It’s better to keep your visitor engaged on your website by showing them videos, images, and slideshows as they are more likely to watch videos and light sources on mobile the desktop/ laptop devices. Along with that, make sure that you are using appropriate video for particular content so that it makes sense for visitors to understand what your content and product or services are about.

Link Phone Number, Addresses, & Location
Allow your users to stay connected with you by linking phone numbers and addresses to your website, this will help you to stay connected with your users anytime. One simple way to link your phone number or address to your website is to make your phone number a clickable link so that users won't find it difficult to contact you and even you can easily interact with your customers.

Don't go overboard with Java
Don't use excess Javascripts on your mobile website as it can create problems for the users to access differently across different browsers or devices even though it can also be quite different when it comes to JavaScript. Therefore, it doesn't mean that you should not use JavaScript but ensure that you are using it cleverly by keeping in mind that your website performance will not get affected by this.

Optimize Forms for Mobile

It is so frustrating to fill out the endless forms on the website. A long-form requires lots of typing and which users don't like at all and thus creates a negative effect on your website. An optimized form reduces the extra work for the users, which later assists you to gain more users.  So, it is better to optimize forms for mobile, you can even break up the forms into multiple steps as it is an excellent way to collect the data about your users. 

Test To Improve Overall Experience
Always remember to test the overall experience of your websites such as proper navigation, videos, pictures that you have added, most importantly the content about your product or services. This step is mandatory for a better user experience because it allows your users to smoothly visit your website.

Wrapping It Up
Hopefully, the mentioned tips of designing a mobile-friendly website Such as responsive web design, better navigation, contact information,  easy to read content, image Optimisation, keeping the design simple, and testing of your website all these gives you some insight into how to streamline the user's experience and gain more traffic which leads to more conversion rate to the website. Despite this, make sure that your website’s content is appropriate and sufficient for your audiences and you are using mobile web development to enhance the overall productivity of your website.