6 Ways to protect your website from malware and hackers


As a website owner, it becomes necessary to secure your website from Malware and hackers. Approx, 30,000 to 50,000 websites get hacked every day and there is a long list of various security measures that assist you to protect your website but first, it is important to understand why you need to secure your website.

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Let's understand why it is important to secure your website.


Loss in business revenue & reputation

There are more than 15 billion websites worldwide and people rely on them to get necessary information so if a user visits a website and has content on there then they are more likely to share it with others and there is an increase in traffic of your website which increases revenue and reputation of your business as well.

Further, from July 2018, a website without SSL (HTTPS) will be considered unsecured, thus receiving an SEO penalty, which makes it difficult to reach new customers. You had a website, a user lost trust and the company lost its reputation.  Additionally, if a user visits the head website and gets warned or infected then there is an extremely low chance that they will again visit your website.

Websites Get Blacklisted

Let us understand this as a warning that makes users stay away from the unsecured site, generally, you will see a message displaying on the screen “This site may harm your computer” you will see this text in front of your screen when the website is blacklisted and thus loses almost 90-95% organic traffic.

 However, you can remove your website from a blacklist in two primary ways such as-
➔    If you have enough knowledge, then do it yourself.
➔    Allow a skilled service provider to recover your site.

Website clean up is more expensive than protection

The first thing that comes into a website owner’s mind after getting hacked is to clean up the website but cleaning up your website is more expensive than protection. When performing WordPress malware, it almost costs over $ 150 per site, and even after it can't be sure that the site was properly cleaned up or not.

The hackers and malware put all the effort into making sure that you won't be able to clean up your website easily, for the cleanup of your website are indeed expensive.  Even if it is not limited to this you lose lots of revenue and reputation as well which also takes time to build up. So, it is better to secure your website to avoid all such conditions.

Ways to protect your website from Malware and hackers

Having a strong password policy
There are lots of websites that get hacked every day because of the weak password and there are thousands of websites that use easy to guess passwords and most hackers have a list of such passwords which is called the rainbow tables and the constantly generating wide range of tables to use it as a dictionary of sorts and by this, the hacker can launch an attack known as dictionary attack it is mostly a variant of brute force attack, however, it is not the only way to hack a password. 

Therefore, it must be necessary to use a strong password for your website. A strong password must be a combination of numbers, letters, symbols, and algorithms. The password should be long enough and a difficult one to crack.

Install SSL and use HTTPS on your website
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and HTTPS security on your website secure your website from hackers. These both are security protocols and ensure that if a hacker intercepts data from your website then they won’t be able to understand the data. Along with that, getting an SSL certificate adds a bonus to your website as you’ll get SEO benefits too.

Install a good firewall

Installing a good firewall is necessary because a good hacker will always create a bot and automate most of the process. A firewall is a code that generally identifies the malicious request thereby every request for information made to your website, first need to go through the firewall, and it will detect that request and catch that it is malicious or it is made from an IP address then you can easily found that it is malicious and the request gets blocked at the time instead of being processed.

Use an activity log

Using an activity log can raise a timely alarm in various unexpected situations. Activity logs allow you to know whether legitimate action is happening or not. Hackers will never be able to access your website if they are caught once by activity logs as it assists you in signalling changes so that you can catch unauthorized activity on your website.

Take Regular backups
Taking regular backups is very necessary to keep your website’s data secure. Along with that, it is also necessary to use a good backup as manual backups are difficult to execute correctly so having a backup by using a good plugin is necessary for your website’s security.

Update Everything

It has been seen that over 90% of hackers are identified because of the vulnerability of the inner theme or a plugin. Themes and plugins are software and a piece of code (can say) that will invariably protect your website and even prevent it from intercepts. A responsive website must have appropriate themes and plugins so that hackers will not be able to reach your website. 
Therefore, it’s better to keep a backup of everything though you might face issues while updating your website like breaking websites in unexpected ways to avoid using staging to update safely.

Bottom Line

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