Non IT Recruitment


Non IT Recruitment

Non-IT Recruitment is a vast area, which often recruits in all the sectors other than Information Technology (IT) sector. It includes numerous sectors such as Agro Commodities, FMCG, BFSI, Medical & Healthcare, Aerospace, Industrial, Retail, Real Estate, Building Material, Media & Entertainment, etc.

In other words, Non-IT Recruiter works on the open positions other than IT Sector, it can be open positions in Banking, retail, sale, farmer, and Manufacturing, etc. 

Further, hiring for the non-IT domain is not easy as it requires an immense understanding of other expertise areas. Our leading HR Outsourcing in Hyderabad, Telangana are experts in that. We are providing excellent non-IT recruitment services across the various cities of India.

We have a team of expert recruiters who are working across many industry job areas. We work as a source of support for your talent acquisition team and assist you in quickly filling positions with skilled and talented people. By connecting with our team you will get the right talents who help you to grow your business at a higher level.

We offer our services at a wide range of non-IT industries including education, finance, BPO healthcare, and training, etc. We have recruiters specializing, who work solely on your requirements.

However, if you’re an established company or a startups, we have excellent hiring solutions for your business.  We also provide custom recruitment services depending on your requirements. From initial screening to fitment assessment our recruitment process is highly systematic and provides you a series of steps with excellent market knowledge.

We love to provide the right kind of support to hire qualified candidates for your recruitment needs. Contact us if you are looking for a recruitment agency in India to hire non-IT professionals for your organization.

Let’s understand the different type of Non-IT Recruitment to know how they are differ from each other.

Internal Non-IT Recruitment

Internal recruitment is the process of filling up open positions within the organization. Basically, it is a process when a company tries to find the best employee to fill a position. Even if you don’t end up moving with one of your current employees, you must give your internal candidates priority before you search outside for the candidate.

Methods of Internal Non-IT Recruitment

Employee referrals

Temporary position

Permanent position


Part-time position

Full-time position


Process of Internal Non-IT Recruitment

Write and post a detailed job description focusing on the job role and its responsibilities.

Announce the job opportunity as in news, emails or other platforms.

If you have an intranet then post there about your job position but if you don’t have an intranet, then post the job on your company website.

Wherever your job ad is posted, ensure that the ad clearly states that if they want to apply for the role then how they should contact the employees.

Advantages of Internal Non-IT Recruitment

1. Strengthens Employee Engagement

Employees get excited when they see the job posting related to their field for future career growth. It helps to create positivity in the work culture and to those who are outside of the company but working for you for the long term.

2. Cost-effective

Internal recruitment is cost-effective as it does not involve job postings, resume screening, resumes, filtering relevant, conducting interviews, and communicating with shortlisted candidates.

3. Reduced Time to Hire

You save all the time with internal recruiting on the other hand other recruitment spends on engaging, attracting, identifying, attracting candidates. You can instantly access your candidates and their track records.

4. Improved Employee Morale

Internal hiring or promotions shows people that you value your staff and are willing to invest in their career growth. To gain employee satisfaction and trust, you must give your current employees more opportunities for career advancement by offering them higher opportunities to work on a different role or a bigger role as compared to their previous role in the organisation.

 External Non-IT Recruitment

External recruitment is the process of filling the job position by opening the roles of a company for the applicants outside the organisation. 

Methods of External Non- IT Recruitment



Event recruiting

Specific career events

Job fairs


Online recruiting

Top executive search firms

Employment agencies


Top fairs

Process of External Non-IT Recruitment

Posting the job vacancy

Closing the vacancy

Conducting interviews

Analysing the applicant's candidate and after that shortlisting them

For short listed candidates scheduling a preliminary test

Selecting suitable candidates and carrying out reference checks

Offering Vacancy to the selected candidates

Advantages of External Recruitment

Attracts New Skills 

External recruitment increases the possibility of identifying and attracting the expertise of fresh talent. This talent generally comes on the door with new skills and experienced business ideas that helps your business to reach at the higher level.

Excellent Quality Candidates

The external recruitment process expands your reach, by opening the job vacancy in the huge prospects and thereby attracts the right candidates, keeps them engaged and makes it easier to bring them towards the right place so that it will assist your business to reach next level.

Increased Conversion Rate

External recruitment attracts a huge number of candidates in different sectors with different capabilities and skill, thus increasing the chances of getting maximum suitable candidates.

Come-Up New Business Insights and Ideas

Well, external recruitment attracts a variety of applications from candidates with different working experiences. This allows your organisation to easily access candidates' data, experience, or gained knowledge by working with different companies. 

Additionally, hiring such candidates allows you to gain insights about the innovative business practices by knowing other aspects of your competitor’s businesses.

Despite this, no matter if you are recruiting internally or externally, automating your recruitment process will eventually ensure that you bring  the best candidates on board who are expertise in that particular area.

Being a HR Outsourcing service provider in India, we assist you to provide the excellent Non-IT Recruitment services which bring increase in productivity and the visibility of your organisation by filling up the best candidate for your job position. Our professional experts definitely assist you in hiring, recruiting, and training the suitable candidate for a particular vacancy. 

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