HR Outsourcing


HR Outsourcing

As a result of several reasons including, budget limitations, inadequate prowess, among others, managing a Human Resource department for a small business has proven ineffective. The mounting of onerous tasks on a small staff who may not be as adept as required has hindered some startups' potential success.

But with over three years of HR outsourcing experience, our team of experts at Kkeydos is dedicated to helping small businesses handle their Human Resource responsibilities. Our functions include but not limited to:

·   Human Resource administrative tasks

·   Retirement services

·   Employee recruitment

·   Tax administration & compliance

·   Administering workers' compensation insurance

·   Regulatory compliance

·   Payroll

·   Background checkings

·   Reporting new hirees

·   Administration of employee benefits

·   HR audits & consulting

·   Pay employment taxes

Is it background insurance or applicant service? We got you covered. Be it employment taxes or risk management, name them all. Our unparalleled experts' mastery as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) coupled with some years of experience has empowered us to deliver on-demand.

We, Kkeydos, provide one of the best services amidst other HR Outsourcing Companies in Hyderabad. Kkeydos experts co-operate with companies at affordable costs to determine their goals as we try to crush them proficiently. Our complete dedication to ensure businesses flourish makes us one-of-a-kind as we look forward to implementing them in your company.

Why consider Our HR Outsourcing services

Having all of our HR experts' hands on deck, we believe that every small business deserves only the best service available. We do all in our abilities to promote and sustain the growth of companies. Although there are countless reasons to consider our exceptional HR service let's only consider a few of them below.

1. Reduced costs

Human Resource outsourcing decreases the costs of hiring, managing, and paying in-house employees for the service. From research, companies that opted for HR services from Professional Employer Organization saved $450 cost-per-employee. And another showed that companies saved 24-32% of the cost of hiring an HR staff in-house. It proved that companies that outsourced their HR service could maximize profits.

Even among PEOs, we offer the best HR outsourcing prices at Kkeydos. We take many of our clients' factors into consideration and ensure every cent counts.

2. Immense Human Resource expertise

Owing to Kkeydos's team of adept experts and years of experience offering this service, we have become extensively skilled. We've developed our mastery in the field, which has enabled us to handle every outsourceable HR service.

Aside from already possessing the right talent, we also have the required tools to maximize our efficiency. Our expertise in using already laid down infrastructure makes it easier to commence our service to your company as soon as possible.

3. Save time and encourages focus

Why spend your priceless time & effort trying to manage an in-house Human Resource department when you can dedicate it to already-groomed specialists?

According to Benjamin Franklin, you can never regain a lost time. And as an HR Outsourcing Provider, we believe that companies should dedicate more time to other aspects of their business as we meticulously handle its HR services.

If the company can focus more on some other areas of its competition, there are high chances that the divided labor would lead to increased productivity. According to a 2021 research, specialists discovered that businesses who entrusted PEOs like Kkeydos grew 7-9 percent faster than others that didn't. They had 10 to 14 percent lower employee turnover, and their businesses were 50 percent less likely to go out of business.

4. Ensure total legal compliance

Although it sounds normal being just among our job but it's hapless to discover that some in-house Human Resource experts are oblivious to legal regulations regarding businesses. Having committed our HR services to various Hyderabad companies, we've become acutely conversant with local and federal laws surrounding healthcare, workers' compensation, payroll processing, and taxation. We also make sure all recruitment processes, including those of immigrants, obey all governing laws & regulations to prevent violations which can be very costly. We are fully aware of all the laws your company needs to abide by, leaving no cause for alarm once you leave us in charge.

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